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A night of resonance and drones at Synesthesia from four Brooklyn electronic artists, with accompanying live visuals.

Featuring -
Rob Interface
The Subliminal Cult of INFINITE KITTEN

COMPACTOR is an interconnected set of mostly obsolete machinery that is manipulated by an anonymous figure known as The Worker under orders from a faceless corporation. The noises of the machinery form a soundtrack to the urban wasteland. The result is often glitchy, frequently rhythmic, industrial noise that usually sounds like numerous things are broken. Subject matter often deals with work, technology, and dehumanization.

Audio Work Documents have been licensed to Phage Tapes, Oxidation, Annihilvs Power Electronix, Oppressive Resistance Recordings, Jouissance du Rien, Out-Of-Body Records, and others since 2011.



INFINITE KITTEN + RGB Values are a Brooklyn based AV duo specializing in a variety of different musical styles and visuals to match. The musical styles of INFINITE KITTEN range from dance floor friendly techno breaks and IDM to formless atmospheric noise and ambience.

Their real names are Nate Tronick and Julia Gordon. This couple has also performed in the past as Erotic Body Station, an electronic music duo that formed out of the NYC based collective known as WARPER PARTY. They also perform as solo artists as well as a VJ duo known as RGB Values + n8tronick.

Nate Tronick is the founder of NY ELECTRONIC UNDERGROUND, an ongoing series of parties that bring NYC events based on live electronic music performance in a party atmosphere. They have an ongoing performance relationship with The WARPER PARTY as well as performing at other venues and events such as Disorient's Country Club and the deeply secret Summer Camp.


Rob Interface is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Brooklyn who primarily focuses on making live electronic music, with styles ranging from techno and house to ambient and experimental. He makes music using hardware synthesizers and drum machines, with most of it being improvised. He currently performs solo and works with music collectives Warper Party and Bkwildlife. He is also the founder of cult techno/punk band Blak Blondz, a trio that features heavy synth grooves, acid bass lines, distorted vocals, and screaming guitar. He also founded SenseNet, a darkwave/cyberpunk band with a strong retro/80s influence.

Chris Carr, who performs under the moniker Parnhash, plays a range of different styles, from hip hop and spoken word to ambient and experimental. He is the founder and manager of BKWILDLIFE, a music and arts collective that hosts many Brooklyn-based events year round, including the 100% indie Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Festival, a 10 day music event featuring over 100 different acts. He is also the co-manager of Gamba Forest, a multi-purpose gallery space that hosts art, a literary lounge, a design shop, and a recording studio for all things indie.


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