Collective Storytelling -Contemporary Art from Yogyakarta, Indonesia
to Sep 4

Collective Storytelling -Contemporary Art from Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Opening Party August 17th 7pm~10pm (Performance from Yogyakarta at 9pm)

The Indonesia-based Artspace ASP (Artist Support Project) proudly presents to you our persepective on the contemporary art scene in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Through this work, we hope to reveal the significant differences between various sociocultural backgrounds by creating a visual dialogue without the boundary of nationality. We hope that you will be inspired to rethink the variability of life through the work.

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Miki Kitazawa, Insideout
to Jul 31

Miki Kitazawa, Insideout

Opening Party: June 1st 6pm-10pm
Exhibition Date: June 1st to July 31st 2019

Synesthesia is pleased to present Insideout, a solo exhibition featuring work by Japanese photographer Miki Kitazawa. This is Kitazawa’s first exhibition in the United States and features three of the artist’s signature photo series, "Contact”, “Dust”, and “Bodyscapes”.

 Born from Kitazawa’s experience of the Fukushima earthquake in 2011, her series CONTACT(2013) explores the relationship between memory and living embodiment of the event. Her series Dust (2014), raises questions about the tenuous delineation between inside and outside, prompting viewers to consider “where does one start and end?”. Bodyscapes (2017) is a careful study of the body as the subject of a still life.

Through these series her interests shift from outward to inward--escaping categories between sensing and process. Her works shed preconception and ego--sharing with viewers, a refreshing and untethered perspective.

[see below, a selection of brief and eloquent words from the artist herself...]


In the highway bus I was leaning against the wall, which was slightly shaking.
Suddenly, my past memory has come back unconsciously.
Vibration rips my consciousness and memories in the real world.
I made this series to connect to forgetting.

I photographed dust floating on the surface of a colorless transparent glass and water droplets. By focusing on the dirt we don't usually care, the outer and inner worlds are intermingled through the glass. Dirt is a trace of biological activity in the environment surrounding us.

The human body is a part of this world and exists in relation to and interacting with various entities. By placing the body in the landscape, I try to shot the body as a still life because I can’t look the person who is front of me as a same human. This series is neither a portrait nor a landscape. Bodyscapes is a combination of landscape and human body.

Miki Kitazawa

(b. 1988 in Nagano, Japan)

[Solo Exhibitions]

2018 Relation, Gallery Yukihira, Tokyo, Japan.

2018 Bodyscapes, TAP Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.

2017 Bodyscapes, C7C Gallery, Aichi, Japan.

2015 CONTACT, Norton Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.

[Group Exhibitions]

2019 Transparent Mirror, Theater Guild, Tokyo, Japan.

2019 New Universality 02, CCAA Yotsuya Sanchome Gallery3, Tokyo, Japan.

2017 Here is ZINE Tokyo 15, Beams, Tokyo, Japan.

2017 New Chapter of Landscape#2 -The Principles of Contemporary Landscape Photography-,

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

2016 A.W.P Selection 2016, Ricoh Imaging Square Ginza, Tokyo, Japan.

2014 SHIBUYA STYLE vol.8, SEIBU SHIBUYA, Tokyo, Japan.

2014 TAGBOAT ARTFES2014, Daihonzan Zojoji, Tokyo, Japan.

2014 Canon New Cosmos of Photography Sendai Exhibition, Sendai Mediatheque, Sendai, Japan.

2013 Canon New Cosmos of Photography Tokyo Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japan.

2012 [See-through],UPSTAIRS GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan.

2009 ASAHICAMERA Magazine Exhibition 2008, KONICA MINOLTA PLAZA,Tokyo, Japan.

2008 EPSON ColorImaging 2008 Exhibition, Spiral Garden, Tokyo, Japan.


2008 EPSON ColorImaging Contest. First Prize Award, Photograph Category.

2008 ASAHICAMERA Magazine Prize. Second Prize Award, First Step Category.

2013 Canon New Cosmos of Photography. Honorable Mention, HIROMIX Award.

2014 TAGBOAT ARTFEST Special Recognition Award. Toshiki Minamiguchi Award.


2008 [PHaT PHOTO] 2008.7-8 "NEW STEP OF WINNERS vol.1"

2009 [Fotocon] 2009.5 "NEXT GENERATION Photographer"

2010 [Fotocon Magazine] Series (2010.1~2010.12)

2015 [Pen] 2015.8/1 "Creator's file #026"


2018 [Gallery] 2018.12 "for five years Miki Kitazawa"


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Michelle Wen Porcelain Opening Party
12:30 PM12:30

Michelle Wen Porcelain Opening Party

Opening Party: June 1st 6pm-10pm
Performance: at 8pm by Rachel Chevat (@rachelrainlights)

Exhibition Date: June 1st -July 31st

Michelle Wen is a visual artist born and raised in Brooklyn, currently living in New York. We will exhibit her handmade porcelain works. The artist will attend the opening event. You can bring your friends, enjoy live music and drinks!

Michelle Wen

47 Thames St #306, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Entry: Free

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