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Soft Light Machinery (screening)

Doors @ 8:00pm
Screening @ 8:30pm

This particular portion of Soft Light Machinery is the End of the project. However, functions as the Beginning if your first encounter is through this screening. I often imagine creation as the point in which construction and deconstruction meet. Using nihilism to erase meaning followed by the use of context to fill the void of nihilism into something new.

Soft Light Machinery examines the life cycle of material and the power of nihilism and meaning within an object. Fragmented into various phases, this screening is one of the last phases of this project's cycle. When is an object, or sequence of content, new; when is it ever old - can it exist in a fluid state of simulated nuance? Does the presentation change the simulation, or is it part of it - does it make a difference if you are alone or with a group? I wanted to see how these juxtapositions of content diminish or generate meaning, and when. Is meaning relevant in this layered experience or purely aesthetic? When is the content reduced to nothingness, and When does the content appear as something meaningful with intention? Is there a difference in these states during the simulation - and do either of these states inherently hold more value, power or potential?

M.O.T.H is a multimedia project by brooklyn-based composer and visual artist Matt Finch. His latest release, SOFT LIGHT MACHINERY, (15 tracks/ 39 Images / 10 short films @ ~53gb) is hidden somewhere on the internet. To learn more, please attend.

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