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Jean Genet’s Eternal Smile (5) - Congratulations Debby

Deranged is proud to host director, Roger Hayn, to present and discuss his newest feature film, Congratulations Debby, alongside his AFI award winning short film, Introducing Bobby.

The film will be screened on the final day of its online availability starting May 16th, via a No Budge and DEEP collaboration.

Doors @ 8pm , Screening @ 8:30pm sharp

Congratulations Debby (2018, 75 min)
Debby, already a proud mother of three, is overjoyed to learn that she is pregnant once again. Thrilled with the bright possibilities of the future, she is determined to share her good news with friends, family, and acquaintances. Yet despite the magnitude of her announcement, nobody in town seems to be quite as excited as Debby. To make matters worse, her children are too busy to even return her phone calls. The further Debby pushes to surprise her loved ones with the news, the faster her world hurtles in a direction she never imagined. A warped, uncanny melodrama which plunges into the depths of its protagonists interiors, Congratulations Debby is both a shape-shifting mystery film as well as an exercise in formal distortion.

Introducing Bobby (2012, 14 min)
A debt-ridden ex-con reflects on his past while waiting in line to audition for a reality television show.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A between Hayn, and cinematographer, Robert Orlowski.

Below are a few thoughts regarding the film, which Hayn has recently published:

For half a decade, my feelings about Congratulations Debby have been in a perpetual state of change. What I would've said five years ago to summarize my intent with this film is not what I'd be inclined to say now. At one point I would've said that my intention was to create a modernist melodrama set in a haunted world; a synthesis between RW Fassbinder and Patricia Highsmith. At another point I would have stated that this was my attempt to bring narrative cinematic form into uncharted territory; a demonstration of narrative film's potential for experimentation, how the medium is only in it's infancy and how much this prospect fills my heart with a sense of excitement, rejuvenation and purpose. At several points I would've told you that this film was cursed, that it was hurting me and how it was unlikely to be finished. There's a chance I've said I wish I never made it. My feelings about Congratulations Debby have been distorted by a long, erratic relationship with it. I'm no longer certain of how to discuss the film or how to properly introduce it. However, I suppose what's most important to note is that since 2013, the meaning of the film and its protagonist has only become truer to me. I see Debby in myself and other people all of the time, always in new ways. I think that's ultimately what kept me motivated to complete the film. Everything I make is a form of self-portraiture constructed in the hope of connecting with those who identify with the figures being depicted. This is a film about troubled people, made for troubled people by a troubled person, and I hope you see something in it.

$10 Suggested donation ($5-$10 sliding scale for those with financial difficulties)