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Opening Party Collective Storytelling -Contemporary Art from Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Indonesia-based Artspace ASP (Artist Support Project) proudly presents to you our persepective on the contemporary art scene in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Through this work, we hope to reveal the significant differences between various sociocultural backgrounds by creating a visual dialogue without the boundary of nationality. We hope that you will be inspired to rethink the variability of life through the work.

●Exhibition: 8/17(Sat) - 9/4(Wed)
*Please make an appointment before you visit except event date, normally open after 3pm.
(917) 789-2252

●Special Events

8/17(Sat) 7pm~10pm
Opening Party
* special performance by P(art)Y LAB from Jogjakarta.

8/25(Sun) 8pm~10pm
Screening & Artist Talk

Forrest Wong (Video Art, MY) ,
Huda Tula (Drawing, ID) ,
Kentaro Yokouchi (Video Art, JP) ,
Kukuh Hermadi (Printmaking, Video Art, ID) IG: @saden_kukuh ,
Munif Rafi Zuhdi (Printmaking, ID) IG: @munifrz ,
P(art)Y LAB (Video Art, ID) ,
Sanpo Matsumoto (Film, JP) ,
Sotaro Kikuchi (Photography, JP) IG: @sotarooekk ,
Thank UFO (Drawing, JP&MY) IG: @takyumami ,
Yo Yasuda (Video Art, JP) IG: @ yoh_yy ,

--ASP (Artist Support Project)--
ASP(Artist Support Project) was launched by kentaro Yokouhi. There are four exhibition rooms, as well as kenta's studio and residence. ASP is a space for Indonesian and Japanese people to communicate and exchange knowledge and skills, but is actually open to everyone. It is interested not only in the relationship between Indonesia and Japan - intention is to make our lives and activities richer by reflecting on Yogyakarta's situation and circumstance as a city within the whole of South East Asia. The main activities of ASP are exhibitions, workshops and presentations; the introduce of book related to Japanese language classes; and the archiving of activities.