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Stephen Dirkes Systems & Structures for Transmedial Storytelling


Door: 8pm

Olfactory artist and Euphorium Brooklyn perfume house founder/ perfumer Stephen Dirkes presents approaches to transmedial interpretation of scent, sound, and sight in olfactory art.

The presentation will include examples of Mr. Dirkes’ music, film, and scent work and will be followed by an artist Q&A. Mr. Dirkes will identify some structural connections between mediums he employs in immersive storytelling.

Fragrances will be showcased to experience the unique durational effects Stephen achieves in his perfumery to the service of narrative storytelling. Environmental landscapes are explored in scent and extend the two dimensional space of projected film.

Abstract organizational principles, ratios, algorithms, and number theory have long been employed in Western Classical music traditions. From Pythagoras to contemporary composers and theorists, systems to visualize the organization of sound also evolve. Mr. Dirkes will offer a sneak peek at upcoming olfactory art installations for 2020 and some of the means of connectivity between sound, sight, and scent he is employing based on pattern, ratio, number theory, and chemical structure.