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Eros/Sylvarnes "two dead stars falling into a catastrophic embrace" / Black Hole Delirium

"two dead stars falling into a catastrophic embrace" / Black Hole Delirium
Sunday September 22, 7:30-11pm
Projections begin @ 8:30pm

// a night of projections, music & poetry <> with Bradley Eros, Richard Sylvarnes, & Guest Artists
featuring world premiers, banned, ridiculed, and reimagined work:
27 aphorisms for jonas {at Houdini's grave}
Aerodynamics of the Black Sun
eclipse {Warp & Welt excerpt}
UltraViolet Catastrophe
Black Hole Cinema
Milky Black Sun
Apollo Lunaire
A Doll's House
(including collaborations with Optipus, Lea Bertucci, Clockface Orange, Reg Bloor, & others)
& these live musical performances:
the Shattered Glass Trio
(w/ Masami Tomihisa, Bradley Eros + Richard Sylvarnes & LeLe Dai + Clockface Clear w/ Genevieve HK}
Code X {w/ Richard Sylvarnes & Reg Bloor + projections}
& readings / performance of text & poetry, from:
Black Hole Cinema
zine (by BE, RS)
BIRTH OF A BLACK HOLE ~ Forming a jet of light
“two dead stars falling into a catastrophic embrace.”

Orbiting each other, they moved ever closer, gradually gaining speed and tearing each other apart, until they finally merged. As the two objects move together, their mass is scrambled into a dense, hot cloud of swirling debris, as magnetic fields spin up off this cloud. These fields begin to channel a cloud of plasma that surrounds the newly formed black holes. Chaos reigns. But the new structure becomes steadily more organized, and the magnetic field takes on the character of a jet. Within less than a second after the black hole is born, it launches a jet of particles to a speed approaching light. Stars resist gravity by generating photons that push outward on their enormous mass. But the weight of a large star’s core increases from the accumulation of heavy elements produced in nuclear fusion. In time, its outer layers cannot resist the inward pull…and the star collapses. The crash produces a shock wave that races through the star…and obliterates it! In the largest of these dying stars, known as hypernovae, a black hole forms in the collapse. Matter flowing in forms a disk. Charged particles create magnetic fields that twist off this disk, sending a portion out in high-speed jets ~ powerful enough to plow its way through the star. In so doing, it may help trigger the explosion. The birth of a black hole does not simply light up the universe, it is a crucial event in the spread of heavy elements that seed the birth of new solar systems and planets.

A jet of light could be launched from star matter swirled into a black hole, producing a blinding flash that’s visible across the universe.

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