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Déjà vu? 01

Déjà vu? is a experiential event series with ambient music and multi-film screenings. You can lie down on the bed, and enjoy sounds and film. Let's chill out!

suggested donation: $10

-Ambient music

PYRON is a captivating experimental immersive sound and video art group based in NYC featuring artists Jennifer Pyron, Paul Geluso, Kevin Ramsay & Ting Liu.

・Boris Nazaroz
Boris Nazaroz is a larger-than-life New York-based NOISE MAKER whose electronic experimental music evokes the joyful side of life

parhashnakovsky is an independent hip hop artist and ambient musician based in Bushwick who makes otherworldly beats, hosts events, promote shows and plays various roles in the creation, production and presentation of music

・Nebula and the Velvet Queen feat. Laura Feathers
Nebula and the Velvet Queen is an electronic musical robot that promises to take the audience on an eye opening adventure, a cosmic jazz odyssey. Laura Feathers is a beatnik Moog QUEEN.


Bradley Eros
Bradley is an artist working in myriad media: experimental film & video, collage, photography, performance, sound, text, contracted and expanded cinema & installation. Also a maverick curator, composer, designer & investigator. Concepts include: ephemeral cinema, mediamystics, subterranean science, erotic psyche, cinema povera, poetic accidents, musique plastique, Optipus, Owl of Minerva, MetaBody, vampirates, catalysts, eau de cinema, black hole cinema & narcolepsy cinema.
Worked for many years with the Filmmakers’ Cooperative, Anthology Film Archives, and Robert Beck Mercurial Cinema. Represented by Microscope Gallery. Born in Nocturnal, Illinois in 1952, moved to New York in 1980 at age 27, and became Eros. Lives in Queens. Prefers the night.