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NY DigiAna Group Art Fair [I'm not a robot]

On June 28–June 29, the DigiAna Group will be hosting a 2-day art fair, I am Not a Robot, at Synesthesia Art Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The fair will feature 10 artists and performers showing a range of works on the concept of digital versus analog realities.
DigiAna Group is a collective of New York based artists from around the world, working with multi-sensory digital and analog media. The artists’ works are focused on augmented reality and the cultural intersections between human felt experience and a virtually-impelled world. Through group performance and gallery shows, DigiAna Group creates a meeting place for viewers to enjoy and discuss these ideas.

suggested donation: $10 (Include 2days Performance show)

Wei Taosy
Seungjin Lee
Blake Andrews
Do Zhang
Faye Cosmo
Jing Lin
Kiyo Igarashi
Lan Xu
Nicole Salamone
Richard lll Ford
Roman Kalinovski
Te-Sian Lera Shin
Toru Izumida
Yihan Chen
Anton Marek