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Between Orange and Blue

Doors: 7PM

Geoff Matters
Yuko Parris
The Principle String Quartet
AOO a.k.a. KIYO Igarashi.
Ian Couch

What sounds lay Between Orange and Blue? Four musicians interpret this question through their performances. Though they are different types of musicians, they each share in their ability to communicate with the listener using an undefined language. A conventional film artist, Ian Couch adds the evanescent visual interpretation to this concept. Enjoy the chemical reactions between all musicians/artists, space, time, and audience.

- Geoff Matters
Geoff Matters works with sound and light. You may have run into him shredding with his electronic punk band, projecting decorations around galleries and parties, experimenting his way through a dance performance soundtrack, or plugging you in at your local jam session.

The Principle String Quartet is focused on spontaneous composition, much of which is inspired by the creative energy of Peter Principle (1954 - 2017). For this realization The Principle String Quartet is
Bradford Reed (Anthems Of The Void/Ω▽OHMSLICE/King Missile III) - Pencilina, electronics.

Dok Gregory (Plan 23/Byzantine Art Punk Ensemble/Zero Gravity Thinkers) - Lap Steel Guitar, electronics.

Yujin Yama (RoomTemperature) - Guitar, electronics.


a.k.a. KIYO Igarashi.

KIYO has played Psychedelic Ambient/ Minimal Progressive Rock/
Experimental Music/ since 90’s in Japan, London and NY.

Will play
Old style Drone/Ambient set at the event.

- Yuko Parris
Yuko Parris expresses colorful soundscapes and textures by using various musical gear and her voice experimentally. In the past, she often created DTM and her first EP “Presage” was released from Emerald Records, a music label out of Germany in 2016. Her recent live performances are now with more improvised elements.

- Ian Couch
For more than 2 decades, NY artist Ian Couch has been working with still and motion picture film installations for gallery exhibitions and musical events. He's always been mesmerized by the various mechanical, time lapse and color manipulations which are possible in conventional film work. He uses a few long forgotten techniques taught to him by his late father, also an artist who filled Ian's childhood with large sun prizms, kaleidoscopes and original sculpted lamps of geodes and stained glass. He was also given a 16mm bolex and 120mm portrait camera at 13 years old which he still uses today.
"My only motivation using stills and the flicker of film is a lifelong attempt at conveying the ineffable music in one colorful moment of our own narratives."
A few of his notable photo exhibits were at The Pompidou Centre during the Paris Photo Expo, The Chelsea Art Museum and the Dag Hammarskjold Building Lobby show. The last show included his NY artists portrait series done by the light of the full moon only and his night landscapes in which he captures a light and shadow "komorebi" effect. A few samples are seen here:

Ian has done numerous film/music projection events the first of which was at the 25th annual Woodstock festival (original Bethel site) for various musicians and much later at a fish/shark gallery Aquatic Creations. The latter utilized an arsenal of equipment projecting through sun fish aquariums (they basked in the bright lights) creating an everchanging fish silhouetted cascade of color and imagery throughout the white walls during an unusually mellow performance by Acid Mother's Temple. This event also debuted his original live action 16mm psychedelic Russian fairytale Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Brave for which he wrote, directed and scored the film's fore boding piano music.

Ian is thrilled to be a part of Yuko Parris's musical event BETWEEN ORANGE AND BLUE in the ongoing craft of interpreting imagery with live music, where motive and chance often create a synesthesia of sorts, here at Synesthesia Gallery.