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A Sunday night lullaby of mellowed and meditative folk/pop featuring Portland cellist Mehetable


Mehetable is Maine-based cellist and songwriter Jerusha Neely. Melding the delicate and ornate sounds of folk, chamber music, art song, and more, her debut self-titled record features collaborators David Noyes (cello, voice) and Anna Maria Noyes (viola, voice), and is due out in fall 2019 via Burst & BloomRecords and Apohadion Records.

Jerusha's musical roots began in musical theater, choirs of all sorts (even hand bells), and chamber music, eventually diving deep into classical voice in college. In earlier years, she was also heavily influenced by her parents' eclectic record collection, and--as a teen of the 90’s listening to pop radio--the music of Tori Amos. In her late twenties, she found herself with a cello, and while studying this new instrument, she began performing and recording cello and vocals with many projects around New England.
Mehetable’s realm is inner life: what's hidden, subtle, or in the details of a moment. Jerusha is often tapping into her vivid dream life and making use of space and silence; the little things that go deep, images that evoke forgotten feelings and memories. The songs on this self-titled debut explore distractions, disappointments, self-sabotage, and fear, but also small treasures, hope, and love. Most of these songs were written between late 2015 and mid 2016, and were envisioned with a small string ensemble and lots of harmonies, which Jerusha found in two of her dearest friends, Dave and Anna. Peter McLaughlin recorded and mixed the sounds at The Broken Toy Store in Portland, Maine and Caleb Mulkerin (Big Blood, Swans, Larkin Grimm) mastered them.

instagram: @mehetableparmelia

*Laura Wolf*
Cellist and singer Laura Wolf uses live looping, effect pedals and various instruments to weave a penetrating world of sound. Having dabbled in classical, ambient, and rock ensembles, her solo project is a playful tribute to her diverse musical roots, deemed "beautifully immersive" and "distinctly enchanting" by Gold Flake Paint. Her live loop-based performances bridge spacious experimentalism with pop-driven hooks creating a cello saturated dream-pop that is entirely her own.
A one woman orchestra, she folds angular synths, and carefully produced rhythmic samples with layers of cello and voice. A visual as much as an auditory experience, Wolf dances around her pedals with her feet, at once bowing or plucking her cello, only to hit her drum pads and sampler in barely a moments notice. While all of her limbs are consistently occupied (with bows, drumsticks, a cello, or pedals) by this meditative choreography, her acrobatic voice is a constant as she sings out to the audience, over all that movement and muscle memory, always catching her footing.




*Adeline Hotel*

Adeline Hotel is Dan Knishkowy and friends - described as "wonderfully ragged", Adeline Hotel is curious blend of adventure and nostalgia, drawing influence from Bert Jansch and Jim O'Rourke. Stripped down to an intimate guitar duo for this show, Dan & Ben will play songs off their upcoming 4th LP, "Solid Love".

*C.F. Watkins*
Folk-pop artist, CF Watkins, first discovered her love of music when she was 8, grasping her boombox wide-eyed as Harry Connick Jr.'s 1990 album, We Are in Love, beamed back at her. From there she would find Chet Baker and Nina Simone at the same time she was dancing in her room to Destiny's Child, screaming the lyrics to The Strokes, and quietly soaking up the stories of Doc Watson. These influences, among others, live in her music even if sometimes undetected. The Jalapeño says, "CF is generous and warm...Driving all her talents and expressions is an undeniable authenticity. In a noisy world of approval-seeking mimicry and parades for popularity, CF Watkins offers refuge, peacefully gliding along, reminding us to slow down and connect to the moment.” CF released her debut album, I am New, in 2016 and plans to release her upcoming EP in the fall.